FNVW's 2023-25 Strategic Plan

The five priorities named below outline our strategy for moving our mission forward over the next three years. Each strategic priority includes a set of goals that we will use put our plan in motion.


1. Increase our revenue to allow for sustainability and growth.

    • Budget income goal (2026): $250,000

○       Grants to total $125,000 by year 3

○       Increase donor base - raise $100,000 by year 3

○       Hold community fundraising events

    • Develop new sources of income including:

○       Fees for service (workshops)

    • Increase revenue to:

○       Expand programs and develop new ones

○       Increase staff size - 3 FTE by 2026

○       Increase people power and number of volunteers

○       Provide employee benefits beyond current vacation and sick time

○       Retain and develop staff


 2. Unify and align our programs to strengthen FNVW’s identity and impact.

    • Increase collaboration among programs

○       Volunteers from every program participate in FNVW fund-raising events and community outreach activities.

○       All programs are involved in choosing an FNVW theme for the year, with People Camp being one of the groups using the theme.

    • Come together as a whole organization.

○       Hold monthly social, educational or action-oriented opportunities

■       Each FNVW program area hosts at least one of these events per year

■       Can be done in collaboration with partner organizations

    • Eliminate program silos.

○       Each volunteer team is aware of what’s going on in other programs and has plans for integration with those programs.


3. Develop relationships with people and groups that do similar work in advocacy and nonviolent action to broaden our reach, increase FNVW’s visibility and build our collective power.   

    • Communicate what we do in a clear and accessible way.
    • Partner with organizations that share our mission and vision

○       Participate in actions and programs hosted by allied organizations.

○       Invite allied organizations to participate in FNVW programs and actions.

■       Offer podcast opportunities to partnering organizations

■       Offer workshops

    • Open lines of communication with other organizations.

○       Create liaisons between FNVW and other organizations.

○       Conduct one-on-one meetings with other organizations and community leaders.

    • Participate in coalition-driven, issue based organizing efforts and campaigns aligned with our mission.


4. Expand FNVW’s conflict transformation offerings to address and prevent violence.

    • Offer workshops to schools, religious organizations, and neighborhood organizations.
    • Offer Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) workshops in more Minnesota prisons and jails.
    • Develop more AVP facilitators and AVP Lead facilitators, including youth facilitators.

5. Engage youth (under 18 ) and young adults (18-30) as program participants and volunteers to invest in the future.

    • Offer workshops and events for youth and young adults.

○       Schools

○       Colleges

○       Youth groups

    • Expand program offerings and action opportunities for families with youth.
    • Continue to invest in our Intern and Community Engaged Learning opportunities for college students and young adults.



 Downloadable PDF version of FNVW's 2023-25 Strategic Plan: