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Since 1981, Friends for a Nonviolent World (FNVW) has promoted peace and justice through nonviolent means. We are dedicated to empowering individuals of all backgrounds to embrace nonviolence to transform conflict and and address the root causes of violence.

Committed to principles and practices of nonviolence, we provide workshops and tools through our Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), yearly People Camp, Everyday Nonviolence podcast, and Advocacy and Outreach initiatives, equipping individuals to making a lasting impact on themselves and their communities. With the help of our volunteers and community, our collective efforts ensure a brighter, more peaceful future for all.




Although Friends for a Nonviolent World (FNVW) was founded by Quakers, one does not need to be a Quaker to be a member of FNVW or to take part in its activities—our members come from a variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions. As an organization, however, we do draw inspiration from the Quaker tradition. What do we mean when we say that FNVW is Quaker-inspired?

Through spiritual questioning and experimentation, early Quakers came to see that there is “that of God”—a Divine Presence—in every single person. When we are open to this Divine Presence or “Inner Light,” it can show us the truth of our lives and of the world around us in such a way that we feel compelled to change. Quaker “testimonies” are practices and values that have grown naturally from these experiences. There are six fundamental Quaker testimonies: Peace, Simplicity, Integrity, Equality, Community and Stewardship. Learn more about some ways in which FNVW seeks to apply these testimonies to its work.




At FNVW, our approach is hands-on and community-driven.

We offer a range of programs, workshops, and initiatives aimed at promoting nonviolence and addressing the root causes of violence.

From our Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops in prisons to our intergenerational People Camp workshops, we provide opportunities for learning and growth for all. We also have our Everyday Nonviolence Podcast, where people in our global and local community speak about their personal experiences with using nonviolence.

Through advocacy and outreach efforts, we bring together a community that amplifies our impact and advocates for social change. Find more about our impact in the news and our community!

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At FNVW, our dedicated team consists of staff, Board of Directors, interns, CEL students, volunteers, and donors who share a passion for promoting peace and justice.

Our staff members work to coordinate workshops, events, and recruiting volunteers, ensuring that our programs reach individuals from all walks of life.

Our Board of Directors provide guidance and strategic direction, drawing upon their experience to support our organizational mission and development.

Our interns and community engaged learning students play a crucial role in implementing our programs and initiatives, making a meaningful impact while also gaining hands-on experience in nonviolent activism and social change.

Our volunteers support our programs and initiatives, contributing their time, skills, and energy to make a tangible impact in our communities. Whether it's leading workshops, organizing events, or providing administrative support, their dedication and passion are fundamental to our success. Volunteer with FNVW

Finally, our donors are the backbone of our organization, whose generous support makes everything possible. Their contributions enable us to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and advance our mission of building a more peaceful world. From one-time donations to recurring contributions, every dollar makes an impact. Donate to FNVW

Together, we form a diverse and inclusive community united by our commitment to nonviolence and social change!



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