People Camp

People Camp is a week-long transformative experience of cooperation, community living, peacemaking, and the exploration of ideas and issues. This is a summer camp experience for the whole family and for anyone who enjoys warm, supportive community, challenging workshops, and lots of recreation in a camp setting. 
Early Bird Registration for People Camp 2024 has begun. Sign up by May 31st to get up to $40 off per person!


People Camp 2024: Gathering the Community - Growing in Unity

August 11-17

Northern Pines Retreat Center
Park Rapids, MN


Check out the People Camp Guide to learn more about what People Camp is all about! 
Activities are scheduled throughout the week for People Campers of all ages to engage in shared experiences with one another. Check out this year's People workshops and book clubs to get a taste of what People Camp has to offer for adult campers: 
2024 People Camp workshops and book clubs

Because of the unique multi-generational experience at People Camp, we will closely monitor Covid to ensure we provide a safe environment for everyone.