FNVW in the Community

FNVW builds power for social change through relational organizing and by working in coalition with other groups. Our actions in the community center around three strategic areas:

1) Leading, organizing or co-sponsoring virtual and in-person events.

2) Participating in campaigns and actions.

3) Building connections, engaging new volunteers, and letting people know about our programs through outreach initiatives.

Join us at these upcoming community events:

July 22: V Fest

August 1: National Night Out  from 1 - 4pm (on Aurora St.- reach out for more info)

Sept. 21: International Day of Peace @ Central Park in Northfield

Contact samantha@fnvw.org for more information!


We are honored to partner with the following groups:

The Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
The Minnesota Women's Press Changemaker's Alliance
The Second Chance Coalition
Twin Cities Nonviolent
Quaker Meetings across Minnesota and Wisconsin 
University of Minnesota - Center for Community Engaged Learning  
St. Catherine University
University of St. Thomas
Macalester College 


Check out this video highlighting FNVW's work addressing Gender Based Violence with the Changemaker's Alliance: Changemakers Alliance Video